he's at the door, and laughing, pencil and pencil crayon on paper, 8.5 x 8 inches. Illo for a story about the big, bad wolf.

they're not boys, they're twins, pencil and pencil crayon on paper, 8 x 6.5 inches. Illo for a story that features twins.

* * * * *

Last Tuesday morning C heard some mewing (mewling?) from the alley. After investigating (of course) she found this creature, alone but hissing and trying to get away. No mother around. So we had a third cat for a day (and a half ... the Humane Society opens at 11 but someone needed cuddling until almost 4).

* * * * *

On Wednesday my friend Julian took me out sailing. At the last minute we were joined by a Romanian grad student who belongs to the same club. Little did I know that this had all been arranged ahead of time, and that the two of them would take me to Pirate Island, overpower me and ... okay, not really. Actually, aside from two minutes of complete chaos (sails snapping, boat listing, ropes whipping around, the smell of death in the air) we had a nice little cruise out into Lake Ontario.

* * * * *

The last two days I've itchy and nauseous. With headaches. WTF? It's probably just a tumour or something. Any ideas?


  1. global warming?
    wow sailor - that was quite an adventure! high seas and all.
    feel better... i am headachey here too- too much weather damn it.

  2. Hi
    You commented on my blog. Yes I'm a kerouac, related to Jack Kerouac.
    You have an interesting blog and great graphic designs!

  3. Wonderful illustrations - I really like your drawing style.

  4. Anonymous10:21 am

    i don't know if tumors make you itch. but then there's lots i don't know. good luck

  5. Well I'm cheering for team Tumor, it'll make your art sell faster if you get ppl going "aww he gots a brain pain *sniff*"


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