reading out loud (into a microphone)

C and I went up to Ottawa on Friday night so we could both read at an event for The Puritan magazine. The two editors had fun with the format, staging it like a wrestling thing, and while I couldn't help but shake my head and smirk when given a high-five at the microphone, everyone had a great time (at one point, somebody got hit with a chair). The other readers were Jeffrey Ross, Amanda Earl, Steven Zytveld, Matthew Firth (who published C's chapbook Nemesis Girls), Kate Heartfield, Rob Mclennan and Nathaniel G. Moore. The clip above is short and sweet, with truly terrible production values.


  1. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Bravo !!! I can't hear a thing on this computer but, you two looked great up there !

  2. too short, but indeed sweet...

    is there more?


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