don't look

Do you know what a Medusa is?, mixed media on canvas, 8 x 6 (by 1.5) inches. A small break from the string series -- instead some smaller canvasses, we'll see what grows.

* * * * *

Clouds of midges anywhere near the water these days, you don't see them until they're on top of you, in your hair, mouth, ears. You get inside and shake out your clothes like a crazy person. Good, good times.

At least there's no bombs. This weekend I read Ruto Modan's Exit Wounds, the story of what happens when an Israeli man's father goes missing after a bomb blast. The story was compelling (the missing father had a habit of going missing anyway, making the son suspicious of his disappearance) and the drawing has a definite charm, done in simple line and a muted colour scheme.


  1. I like that painting, it's creepy.

  2. Oo! I loved that book! Have you read Alison Bechdel's Fun Home? Really good - simple, honest, great drawings. The next one on my list is Zak Sally's latest, or anything by Adrian Tomine.

  3. Love that painting, just like Medusa would look like.

    I'll have to find a copy of that, pictures make reading fun. :)

  4. Beautiful Medusa. She looks like the wielder of a mysterious and powerful spellbook.


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