C was bugging me to come up with something "to do" on the long weekend (all demands, no plans) so instead of enduring some spa and spending about a million dollars, I suggested a day trip to the wineries of Prince Edward County. Since this would involve C's two favourite things (drinking and wine), she said yes.

The best thing about Napanee: smoke stacks. Check out the weird clouds.

Lake Ontario. It's clearest when all the fish are dead.

This guy could be a male model. Or something.

Crazy but not yet drunk.

Ferry rides are therapeutic for crazy people.

Sometimes the only thing you can do with a crazy drunk person is put them in a headlock.

A vineyard. C likes to wander when she gets a few drinks in her. Not long after this I took the keys away.

* * * * *

the red russian; mixed media on canvas, 8 x 10 inches. Meanwhile, I cling to my frayed, sober soul by the ragged strings called the process of art.


  1. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Great pics of your venture ! Love the pic of C in the Vineyard but, what the heck is she wearing ?...lol...just kidding.She dresses a bit like me actually, which sometimes is considered a little crazy.Wow and who is that Man with the awesome Jean Jacket, he looks like a male model or something like that ?! Those clouds are a little spooky !

  2. I'm still excited that there is another local blogger out there, jumping around happy in my mind!!

    Napanee is actually alright, specially the smokestacks. And I've swum in Lake Ontario and have yet to grow a tail or a third eye.

  3. lovely chuckle that we had here on our RED couch whilst reading this little travel log.
    the last picture with the painting we are happy to know that you loves to paint. yes we be happy with that.
    cheers c!
    (you two are so dang cute we can't stand it)


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