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I went to go see a certain joker in Montreal this weekend. We had a nice afternoon together, just the two of us (mommy likes to nap), wandering the city, alternately motivated and fuelled by freezies and ice cream. Someone was even tired enough at the end of it to fall right asleep after the reading of a mere seven books.

* * * * *

And when I came home I got tagged by Sarah (not as dirty as it sounds). And now I have to come up with seven "random or weird" things about myself ...
1) As a kid, I spent two summers at Ranger Lake Bible Camp. Our cabin 'counselor' would play born-again tapes at night as we tried to sleep, these profanity-laced stories told by chewed-up biker types about waking up bloodied and abandoned at the bottom of a ditch with broken needles in their arms and a sudden, inexplicable sense of Jesus in their hearts.
2) Sometimes when I'm painting I completely lose any sense of self.
3) I really enjoy chess and poker even though I'm not particularly good at either.
4) Growing up (with my six siblings), our breakfast was the same thing every single morning: cocoa and cereal.
5) I take a size 14-wide or 15 shoe.
6) I am a maker of lists; I think this is related to being a slow thinker.
7) I've often wondered, deeply, about my luck.
... and, to spread the love, I've tagged the following persons:


... finis.


  1. Well, your little joker is toooo cute. How fun. And I see you've roped me into a game of tag. Sure. I'll play along. Your 7 random things are indeed WEIRD. I like the one about the Born Again Freaks. Thanks for tagging me---or will I regret it later?!

  2. Anonymous5:36 pm

    She is so sweet, love her pink room ! Great picture in front of the Graffiti and all I can say is "I want those Sneakers" ! { I'm thinking it's C wearing those ?! }I'm sure she won't part with them though.

  3. Yes, fabulous picture in front of the graffiti! A little tagging for the tagged? Hmm? The seven questions do make you think though. And like Sheri, I also love the green shoes. ~

  4. what a great little girl. and fun to see the little video. fun fun.
    great expo on you too.

  5. I think no 1 might account for a lot.

    What's awry with your luck?

  6. Thanks for tagging me. I am just now getting un-buried after a month's worth of emails.


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