good times; an homage

Drawing for a recent story, written in part as an homage to this little party.

Crazy kids.

* * * * *

Speaking of good times, we have to say goodbye to Flat Stanley this week. Unfortunately, he'll be missing an arm.

* * * * *

Last week, I have to say: not so much. I went out every night from Tuesday onward, it was writinggroup then losingatpoker then drinkingwithJulian then visitingKaren then avisitfromCara ... all while stuck in the dystopic snowglobe of March end. Which, for those of you made complacent by sunnier climes, is the ass-end of winter. It's just dirty snow and garbage. And then someone's kitty kats have been undermining my sleep lately. Running around on idiot patrol, fighting with each other. So today I'm a bit salty.

finally she's ready; mixed media on canvas, 16x20 inches.

* * * * *

we have brand new mullahs; mixed media on canvas, 8x10 inches. Are we noticing all the black(ness) yet? Maybe it had something to do with seeing this movie ...

... although I will say that Javier Bardem was hilarious. {Actually, I didn't care for the secondary, off-hand way the Josh-Brolin character was dealt with.}

* * * * *

starting over (need more rain); mixed media on canvas, 20x16 inches. Here's hoping I get some.


  1. she's beautiful...starting over (need more rain)


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