c's tiger

Tiger for C; mixed media on canvas, 5x7 inches. A last-minute addition to C's Christmas gift (Oh you like that? Do you want it?).

The theme for Illo Friday this week is "100%" ... which should bring up all sorts of overreaching sports drawings. My tiger is certainly 100% tiger. And a pile of stones would be, similarly, 100% a pile of stones. Aimlessness is easy!

The last theme ("soar") got over 450 entries. And that's over the holidays. The entire exercise has become the artistic equivalent of urban sprawl.

Illustration Friday Night is undergoing its own identity crisis lately, having become burdened with (a) popularity and (b) some very bad art. Adobe Photoshop has plenty of blood on its hands there as well.


  1. ha! you beat me. you are 100% fast.
    and the tiger is 100% tiger for sure.

  2. 100% perfect picture! Admirable!

  3. Nice looking tiger.

    I was stunned at the number of entries last week - this is the problem with democracy ;-)

  4. Looks like that tiger ate the ringmaster...

    moustachio and all.


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