cool, cool love

Cool, cool love; mixed media on canvas, 8x8 inches. Destined for a charity show, here's my artist's statement:
Striding perfectly gorgeous down the length of life's stage, lit up like all the hope in the world ... what could be cooler than love? Don't be afraid: the strings bring you in but they're also attached.


  1. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Great new pieces.Colors are warm and vibrant ! I like your artist statement as well.

  2. Very, very cool painting.

  3. Still in lurv with those sickly, almost clashing greens.... The more I think about them, the more perfect they are

  4. Something quite different to your usual stuff, yet very similar. I like it! This one talks to me :)

  5. These are sickly greens, but they work, and work well with the words - there's ambiguity here too, which I like very much.


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