very patiently

very patiently; mixed media on canvas, 5x7 inches ... This is the first of a few wee ones I'll take to my sister Rachel (of Stella fame) in Montreal, so she can include them on her vendor's table at this sale below (not my artwork, btw) ...

And now for something completely different ...

x} We had rain here last night, and wind this morning, which made things nice and glazed for the (long) walk in. There are all these little muscles that you forget about, until you spend a good forty minutes navigating ice ...

x} Lynn Crosbie had an unfortunate column in the Globe and Mail yesterday – unfortunate in that she went to some lengths to disparage the very existence of (get ready for it) The Two Coreys. Of course it was all couched in horror/disgust at the downmarket monster of reality television in general (and a peculiar loathing for Corey Haim in particular), but the whole thing felt a bit like a highschool essay explaining why Nazis are bad. I'm sure even the two Coreys have some idea how bankrupt their media personae have become, which is why they're grasping at the scripted leaden coffin of A&E reality programming in the first place. Crosbie's column reminded me, by way of contrast, of a Chuck Klosterman piece in the October 2006 issue of Esquire called Tenacious TV, in which he writes seriously and intelligently on why a superior dramatic vehicle like Lost plays second fiddle to a cruel, plebeian adventure like Survivor (the answer has to do with mob rules).

x} The drawing below is for Chapter 7 of the long story I've been taking to group lately. Obviously, I'm referencing Blake.


  1. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Oh Love that little red piece at the top ! It's my new wallpaper :)Best wishes at the show.

  2. Nice textures happening in this painting - and colours. If it has red in it, then it has to be good.


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