flying backwards ... the cinders and ashes

the cinders and ashes; mixed media on canvas, 5x7 inches.

notwithstandingthemeanness; mixed media on canvas, 5x7 inches.

and dared not; mixed media on canvas, 5x7 inches.

Three more pirates I was going to take to Montreal this weekend, so my sister could sell them at her vendor's table ... that is, until we got over 30 cm of snow. So I stayed home to shovel. A lot. Winter is magic!

not so rude and uncivil; mixed media on canvas, 6x6 inches.

When it was too dark to shovel anymore (and there is a point where one just quits, you know?), I did lose two more hours of my life to the Survivor China finale. The girl who should have won it (Amanda) suffered a complete collapse of focus when she weakly/defensively tried to parade both cunning gamesmanship and unbloodied humanity. As a student of the game, she should have known that juries of the victimized are not exactly receptive to tortured nuance. What they do like are people who admit to (or take credit for) everything and apologize for everything else. Accordingly, they gave the money to a lying, self-satisfied, gay, Mormon flight attendant named Todd. Arrogance is magic!

Oh well, at least the WSIB commercials were good. While I always enjoyed girl-falling-from-ladder or man-being-impaled, these two below really push all the bright buttons in my Red-Rosey consciousness. Flying is magic!


  1. GREAT WORK, REALLY NICE! KEEP ON! you have talent!

  2. Anonymous8:55 am

    Great new works !


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