life as a viking

Since IF and IFN have been so atrocious lately (hackery in extremis, why don't we just call it Illustration Photoshop Filter Friday already?), I've decided to forego their pleasures this week. Instead this is my nephew Shawn, who turns two on December 3rd. Like most of us, he likes to ram things into his mouth, throw fits and hit people. Children are our future!


  1. Cute phtotos - the one with the sweetcorn loaded first - it was quite a surprise...

    I thought maybe it was you - as a two year old

  2. Hello -

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  3. yes, but does he eat that corn across? or round and round? that's how you can truly tell what the future will bring.

  4. especially when they are 3~~~!
    very cute baby..

  5. Anonymous7:37 am

    haha, too funny picture and description !


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