every day escapes me

It really does. Every day is full of ideas and notes and plans and tasks that form battalions and charge my mind and then just full-on gallop away from me. It's as if they have their own campaign to get on with, and all I can do is try to play catch-up (which, by mid-afternoon especially, when my brain has the consistency of canned ham, is usually a lost cause). Anyway, some random bits ...

x} This (above) is the work of Joseph Cornell. He was a genius in the art of assemblage. My friend Susan likes him, too.

This illo's for the chapter I took to writing group last night, the second part of a long story (or a short novella). It went over okay, although some people had trouble with its alternate universe angle, and of course C took the opportunity to hammer me, which she always does, and then denies it on the way home. Sporting!

This fun, lovely painting is called 'Spun', by Cathy Nichols. I have a print of it in my studio.

x} A few weeks ago my friend Jeannette went to Japan to teach English ... with hilarious results! Right now she's unemployed and scared and running out of money. Last week they cut off her internet! I wonder what cute Japanese term they have for 'homeless white girl'.


  1. oh my goodness mr. red. you really should have come to boston to have seen his retrospective. brought me to tears in parts. laughing in others. so lovely.
    and that print of cathy nichols is one of my absolute favorites from PDS before they closed.
    do you know if it is available elsewhere? of course I didn't buy it when i could have....

  2. mmmm, afternoon brain-Spam. Have you tried it on white bread with a bit of mustard? delish.


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