monday, monday

x} Although, for Queen's at least, this last weekend is most widely known as Homecoming Weekend, I find it difficult to think of it as anything but the Festival of New Morons. And the New Morons were all over the downtown this weekend, pouring about in their little tribes, so flagrant about the cracks in their little wooden heads. How difficult to be so young and stupid, and then try to stay away from a sanctioned free-for-all.

x} On Cross Country Checkup this Sunday they were talking about Robert Bateman. Bateman paints hyperrealistic polar bears, owls, sheep, shit like that. People love it. I used to go to school with a guy who bought his limited edition prints all the time, bragging about how they would increase in value. Yeah okay. Really he was just trying to bug me, because he saw (and was utterly baffled by) me drawing things that didn't look like things.

x} I have a story in the new issue of the Windsor Review (above), called Polly Jean.


  1. Haha I know who Bateman is. Some Canadians I know collected his prints, too.


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