a holiday, in erratic pictures

Kingston, Ontario to Murray Corner, New Brunswick
August 18th to September 2st
{best read in reverse, from the bottom up}

C reading (and she is a good little reader) from her story Nemesis Girls ... although she could use a few phone books behind that podium ...

The crowd at the September 1st Montreal launch for Writing at the Edge, an anthology by Siren Song in which C has a story.

Their parents pulled a blinder on us, fleeing the scene and leaving us to babysit. Instead we gave them Archie comics while the two of us played cards.

The best picture that lobster will ever have.

Me and C in Charlottetown, all smug after escaping the Japanese tourists.

Victoria by the Sea from a lighthouse ...

A munchkin on the wharf ...

C wandering a graveyard, looking for loose change ...

Having lost creative control of the project, I decided to walk away ...

Me and C. You can't see it, but she's just about to punch me in the kidneys.

Visitors, Deb and Eleanor and Miranda, lovely ladies who always showed up just as I was about to drift into a nap.

Thumbs-up for Armageddon.

C on the beach. She could scramble down those rocks like a little goat.

C's dad's house in Baie Verte. Just out of frame there are apes riding around on horseback.

C yelling at her dad for running out of wine. Better him than me, for a change.

C trying to be saucy.

C, cheating at Scrabble ...

Out the front window, the Northumberland Strait ...

Buoys ...

C, dreaming of all the chores she'll make me do ...

Back of the cottage (often, when C'd been drinking, I'd have to hide outside) ...

Up the lane to the cottage (the mosquitoes are gathering in swarms) ...

Coming up to Murray Corner. Those clouds sure look welcoming.

Looking even more like the prairies. I came all this way to see this?

Looking a lot like home (the prairies) ...

Me, gracefully letting C drive for half-an-hour or so. I am such a champion.

Some nameless fucking highway.

On our way to supper, Rivière-Du-Loup.

The motel sign for our place at Rivière-Du-Loup.

Our wee cottage in Rivière-Du-Loup, end of Day One.

C. Not leaving me alone. Again.

The light switch for the bathroom in our motel room in Rivière-Du-Loup. Awesome.


  1. Anonymous2:13 pm

    we may have shown up at nap-time but at least we didn't leave you to babysit!!
    Congrats on selling the paintings ~ Elle

  2. Anonymous3:47 pm

    You are too funny ! Great pictures, your sweetie is sweet ! :) I won't show the Lobster to my Husband for fear I'll have to listen to him cry and go on about why he's not single with lots of money for himself.

  3. what a great photo journal of your trip. C seems like the champion... lovely place to vacation and gee lobstas, just like we have here!
    very great time it seems!

  4. God, I just threw up.

  5. Oh J, everything can't be on fire all the time.

    Just wait 'til you get to Japan, and everything is covered with pink stickers.

  6. Boy, Canada is really beautiful. It has a certain Skandinavian touch somehow. Really want to go there sometimeday.

  7. Anonymous6:43 am

    lovely slide show....

    the guy with the giant marshmallow on a stick at Writing at the Edge launch is my favorite.

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  12. jake briggs11:21 pm

    lol murray corner? we actually made the web lol, best place on earth


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