for illo friday ... {the blues}

As in having the blues, as in self-explanatory, I hope.

Some things that feel suspiciously like weight, things that I keep being subjected to, either directly or through relentless commentary, things that people/media/authorities continue to suggest are noteworthy or enjoyable or even important, but I just can't stand to hear about anymore, because I don't care (or never did) ...
• Second Life
• Little Mosque on the Prairie
• General Musharraf
• Princess Diana
• Paul McCartney
• Diana Krall
• Margaret Atwood
• Toronto Maple Leafs
• Vinyl Cafe
• Iraq
... and those are only proper-name things, never mind whole subjects ...


  1. Anonymous10:53 am

    I so don't wanna hear about what's going on in the world that I hardly know what's happening at times.I've had friends call me up to let me know, ex: 9/11. I guess it makes for a good balance of me trying to live in a daily happy state of mind { pretending everything is just fine }and the world being a generally miserable place to be.balances out well...there I go looking on the positive side of things again.

    Great illustration and subject.

  2. ahhh, someone who is not afraid to say what so many feel! i applaud you!

  3. very funny illo, know what you mean. not being from canada i don't hear about some of those people (though i love diana krall and margaret atwood) i also am sick of all the others plus a little more here in the US. very nice work

  4. Anonymous8:01 am

    oh oh I love this piece....

    oh oh the voice of the Vinyl Cafe
    must be stopped.

    sign here....................

  5. hehe
    that's great sir
    and I agree
    there's enuff bizzing round my brain without all that sh•t
    I salute you

  6. kudos to you red handed man.
    i am tired of ALL of those on your list.
    hear here.

  7. Love this, conveys THAT feeling very well indeed.

    I've definitely had overkill on second life and I've never even experienced it. The big Brit question is, will we have an early election - nothing else is getting a look in.

  8. You crazy Brits and your early elections. Have you ever read Thatcher's Fall by Alan Clark? It's quite good, especially for the inside language.

    And don't think I haven't noticed how you've sneaking out of Iraq ...


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