tagged ... (!)

So my friend Sheri 'tagged' me. The rules go like this:
1-post these rules
2-each person tagged must post 8 random(... hopefully interesting) facts about themselves
3-tags should write a blogpost of these facts
4- at the end of the post 8 more bloggers are tagged and named
5-go to their blog and leave a comment telling them they're tagged
Eight random facts. Okay ...

1) I'm six-foot-five.

2) When I was a kid I played Dungeons & Dragons with my brothers. Even then we were keenly aware of the nerd factor. Still, it made my mom ecstatic that it kept us all busy for a few hours at a time.

3) The first poem I ever wrote was published. Which ruined me. It's like getting your driver's license on your first day behind the wheel.

4) I once ran away from home. My mom packed me a lunch.

5) Rainy days are for museums and art galleries, full-stop.

6) I once tore a door off its hinges to get at a guy. It wasn't that hard, the frame was rotten, but I did have his attention.

7) I'm one of those people who spends a lot of time wandering through bookstores. At the same time, I am a horrifically slow reader, and hardly finish anything.

8) If I like you I'll want to give you things, especially paintings.

Persons I am about to tag:


  1. re: tagging - Well thanks!

    So you're six foot four, I love tall men. Can I have your babies?

  2. Well I do apologise, I seem to be having a particularly scatty day today and will make sure to remember that you are six feet five in future...

    It's Sarah

    No. 5 is now added.

    My name's on my profile as is my email - it's just not a direct link, but to save you the trouble: spinningdog[at]btinternet.com should you ever want it ;)

  3. 1) You are a giant. 2) Your D&D confession is strangely arousing. 3) I try to seduce people by giving away artwork too, but it has yet to work.

    Ive already been tagged. Dont you remember my January 24th blog entry? Of course you do.

    And Im too busy to play tag because you have me working like a dog over here. And I dont have 8 blog friends.

    This whole thing is giving me an anxiety attack (virtually).

  4. Also, creepy digital-painting-drawing-collage thing.

  5. tagged?! OK I'll play. Only because it's you :o)

    It took me forever to think of 8 things!

    I don't have eight blog friends either so I sort of randomly picked 7 from a printmaking group. Maybe there will be some cross pollination.

    Nice effect ~ looks like writing on a mirror in a steamy bathroom.

    rainy days are the best.

  6. By the way...what was the first poem?

  7. Yeah, post the poem. I love the awkwardness of juvenilia. All of my juvenilia (including everything I did up to yesterday) stinks.

  8. Anonymous8:25 pm

    Cool ! Thanks for playing.I wasn't sure if you would but, I was hoping.I sensed you had a bit of a temper, I can be a bit quick myself sometimes although, I try not to be cause, I know it's not the greatest quality to have...I think I'm generally very sweet really.Interesting you are tall, I also thought you might be, I'm not sure why I thought that.Love the image you posted along with it.Cheers.


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