for illo friday ... {cars}

Cars. Another uninspired, limiting theme. So to hell with it: I decided to draw a demonic Speed Racer on meth, just before the crack-up. (Now come on, Penelope ... can next week's theme expand our consciousness beyond a Grade-Three level?)


  1. Anonymous2:06 pm

    Scariest cartoon on TV. Ever.

  2. flTotaly agree about the crappy theme.
    Nice illo though.

  3. hello speed racer, what's your move!?

  4. I didnt know the theme was 'cars' til i saw your blog. Your blog gets my hit before IF nowadays.

  5. i love speed racer..i was bummed out by the theme too.

  6. I'm right there with you on the crappy theme. Ugh. Anyway, nice illo !!

  7. Agree about the theme,nice drawing though.

  8. theme sucked, but loved speed racer....

  9. ribbu6:15 pm

    A theme is what you make it. If you can speak to something above a third-grade level, then you don't need to be inspired by something above a third-grade level.That's the challenge of illustration. Transcend it, don't complain about it.

  10. As for this ...

    ribbu said...
    A theme is what you make it. If you can speak to something above a third-grade level, then you don't need to be inspired by something above a third-grade level.That's the challenge of illustration. Transcend it, don't complain about it.

    ... I'll complain all I want. 'Cars' is an uninspiring theme because the definitions attached to it are limited. As in:

    car |kär| noun a road vehicle, typically with four wheels, powered by an internal combustion engine and able to carry a small number of people : we're going by car | [as adj. ] a car crash.
    • a vehicle that runs on rails, esp. a railroad car.
    • a railroad car of a specified kind : the first-class cars.
    • the passenger compartment of an elevator, cableway, airship, or balloon.
    • poetic/literary a chariot.
    DERIVATIVES carful |-ˌfoŏl| noun ( pl. -fuls).
    ORIGIN late Middle English (in the general sense [wheeled vehicle] ): from Old Northern French carre, based on Latin carrum, carrus, of Celtic origin.

    So, in the end, all you can draw is a ... car. And that is a limited, uninspiring theme. And a lot of people agreed with me. So fuck off.

  11. I think (for what it's worth) that if Penelope Dullaghan wanted the theme for the week to be 'single cell amoeba' that would be her prerogative? The whole point of her, frankly brilliant, premise is to have a no-pressure, no-rules based forum for people to express their creativity. If you don't like it don't participate. I often don't when I am not inspired by the theme of the week. And when I want to do something not appropriate for her website I switch to Illustration Friday Night and do something there. With the broad range of styles and interpretations she does attract, she clearly thinks that a variety of themes is the best way of keeping (almost) everyone happy. Fair play to her. Further- the theme of 'cars' allows so many possibilities that I can only assume you are trying to be controversial for the express purpose of causing an argument. Off the top of my head you can do any of the following:
    1.Draw a car.
    2.Draw a car based illustration (my own entry is a case in point)
    3.Use the theme as a jumping off point and produce a relevant joke (two men dressed as women sprinting – A 'drag race'.
    4.A car salesman selling a monster truck to a little old lady with an appropriate humorous line.
    5.Cars that look like their owners (for instance a skinny adolescent with a car pocked with acne-like rust.
    6.Anthropomorphise the cars like the animated film of the same name.
    As I said, this is off the top of my head- with another ten minutes thought I could add to the list.
    But I think it is completely unnecessary to swear at someone offering a valid criticism of your comments. If you can't take it, it really says more about you than the person writing and particularly of your inability to come up with anything original to post on the website.

  12. Nice try.

    So if the officiating is bad for the league I play in, I can't complain, I can only leave? And if someone tells me to stop complaining, I can't tell them to fuck off?

    If you take this argument far enough, no one has the right to complain about anything. Bad boss? Tough, find another job. Bad service at the store? Fuck you, go shop somewhere else. Bad relationship? Suck it up because you're the one who picked me.

    As for your reference to the 'broad range' that Penelope's theme attracts, all I see is drawings of cars. Over and over. Just like 'citrus' attracted fruit. And 'polar' made a rain of white bears and penguins.

    Of course you could draw all sorts of shit associated with cars: garages, chicks on cars, auto races, road trips, etc. And all of these ideas could be imagined by a kid in grade three. (Congratulations on your own list, by the way.) This might explain the volume of children illustrations.

    Contrast that with an actual concept like hunger. Or crime.

    As for your comment on what my reaction says about me, you've managed to grab onto the favorite justification of every old-lady-minded person in the world: that saying things you see as mean makes me a bad person. Think what you want; my criticism is still valid.

    It's my space and I'm can editorialize however I like.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  13. now now boys....take a chill pill.
    I like dull boring limited themes...they force you to be creative and think laterally.

  14. I used to go through every single Illustration Friday post (before I had a job). Weeks like this, with words like "Cars" I would dread. Because people dont challenge themselves, I ended up looking at the same thing over and over again.

    Anyway, Cuffe sounds like a rule-follower, I dont like rule-followers.

    Ribbu and Nadler sound like optimists. I dont like optimists.

    Alternatives that we all (including Cuffe) enjoy, like IFN only exist because we like to bitch and moan about Penelope. See: the birth of IFN.

  15. how dare you call me an optimist

  16. lol.... give me more! ;)
    i enjoyed reading all these posts.

  17. Anonymous5:00 pm

    oh Ellis, now you've said too much...

  18. Red-handed. If you look out your window at this very moment, you will see me camped outside on the grass waving my Red Handed For President banner.

    I will continue to wave this banner until you are well and truly elected.

    Your Humble Servant, Gravy

  19. Thanks Gravy, but I can't help but wish for that banner to be on fire. Does this President gig come with a flame-thrower?


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