a real prize with my real name on it

I've known about my own result for awhile, but it wasn't until today that they finally announced the winners of the Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick's 2007 Literary Competition, in which I won the Richard's Prize (I guess calling it the 'David Adams Richards Prize' was too long) for best manuscript (a collection of short stories, a short novel or a substantial portion of a longer novel; in my case a collection called Punishing Ugly Children). The judge, author Michelle Butler Hallett (The shadow side of grace) wrote ...
“Punishing Ugly Children” burrowed into my head and laid eggs. Highly polished, crisp and frightening. Should be submitted to a publisher.
... which was nice to read (in its own strange way). The winners in the other categories (and descriptions of their work) can be seen here.


  1. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Congratulations once again ! :)
    {Yes, I'm one of these smucks that leave smiley faces at the end of their comments, well only sometimes }

  2. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Congratulations D


  3. Anonymous5:28 am

    Of course. I am not surprised.
    Well deserved recognition. I sensed it was on your doorstep and I expect there's a bunch more standing in line waiting for you to open the door.

  4. Anonymous8:19 pm

    This is fantastic - congratulations!

    What comes with this prize? I hope you get a cool trophy out of it.

    Well deserved - I want to read more of your work -



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