bring out your dead

'A' gave me this plant. She paid $2. It's dying now.

When you're in your twenties the way you dwell on death is abstract and romantic and total bullshit. It's not until your thirties - when the headaches and stomachaches and backaches and variously charming breakdowns start to follow you around (home from work, out to the pub, into bed at night) - that you really start to get a taste for it.


  1. Anonymous1:20 pm

    I've enjoyed being the variously charming breakdown who follows you around...just to give you a taste of your (limited and exhausting) future...


  2. Anonymous6:46 pm

    What a beautiful flower it has.Always great to have friends that give us flowers to enjoy.That's better than back pain or a headache for sure.

  3. Wait until your forties.


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