I dream of Jeannie ... or winning at poker.

Since I already have this week's Illustration Friday topic covered (smoke), I thought I'd write a few words on last Thursday's poker game.

It was fun. Improbably, I won. Poor Leo: he must have had a dozen times the stack I did, yet our heads-up confrontation saw him gutted in no time flat (it probably didn't help to have an I-want-to-go-home-now Adam jeering at him in the background). Of course I had to get lucky, but the main thing was that he wouldn't let me see any cards for cheap, so my decisions were extremely simplified (all-in or fold).

Martini was (surprisingly) cautious, Alex was characteristically unpredictable (that Q-9 all-in will always be a personal favourite of mine) and Flo was not only suffering from incompetent dentistry but extremely uneven luck (isn't that how it always goes for the host?).

Okay, while I'm tempted to wrap up with some jokes about cheating here, I'm told that's not very funny, so I'll just thank Flo for organizing the night and being such a great host. :}


  1. Darryl:

    I thought you played well - while when it came to heads up I may have had about a 4:1 chip lead on you, I console myself in pointing out that you see things like that happen on TV. When you're heads up, chip stack doesn't mean as much as you think. Especially with blinds going up, chances that any one player has a monster hand are low, and so gambling and luck come into play a bit more. You definately got the pots when you needed them...if I remember correctly our kickers came into play twice and you won it both times? But you played very well.
    The only talk of cheating would be that you had the unfair advantage of having Flo's well-wishes behind you! Haha...but it was all good. I had tonnes of fun...you're right, having a friend who I encouraged to come whine in the background (whether in sound or in body language), didn't help a couple hands I probably should have folded...but I don't blame anyone but myself.
    Anyway, I hope to play with you in the next couple weeks - watch out for a Friday invite!



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