Sebastien has two brains.

Well, Sebastien's poker brain was blanging away at full tilt last night; when I left he had an enormous chip lead, probably four times the size of everyone else's stack combined, and I'm sure he killed the table in short order. Like I said at the time, he was due.

A fun but frustrating night: I blew all my luck on one spectacular hand. An ironic God gave me four Aces when I really only need one, and after that said I was done, nothing but 10-4, 8-3, 9-5 ... I folded more hands in the course of one game then I ever have in my entire life. Usually -- as Leo likes to point out -- I am an automatic calling machine. Finally I saw two cards with smirking faces on them, a Jack and a Queen, and pushed all-in. Of course Tracey had a stupid Ace. Oh well, she's happier when she's winning.

Anyway, I haven't won a damn thing in three games straight now.

Thanks, Seb, for the hospitality once again. I'm (hopefully) moving on up to a bigger place in January so I can relieve some of the hosting duties you've taken on for so long. Tracey, thanks for the cake, that was a nice break. And thanks for inviting your personal assistant, although I did see him cheating like, three times at least. And Mary Beth ... happy birthday!


  1. Darryl:

    I definately didn't see you fold so many set two records - most consecutive folds, and most folds as a percentage of your total hands played by yourself! Yeah, Tracey has a way of burning people...Seb said she was a shark...little do you know, everytime she plays poker with you, she takes a very fine 27.5-gauge needle and scraps your skin very lightly around the back of the neck when before you sit down - likely in motions with patting your back to what you think is a friendly greeting. This leads to your blood vessels oozing out tiny droplets of blood on the surface of your skin that is not readily visible to a nonchalant glance. However, that is all she needs to turn on her killer 'shark' instincts at the poker table...little do you know, you've lost before you ever got started!
    After you and Scott left, MB, James and myself were around the same in chips, I'd say approximately 22 000...MB may have had a couple thousand less, but nonetheless, with respect to Sebastien, we were all feeling the weight of his chips pressing down upon our egos. I forget how many chips Tracey had...I think a bit more than us, say 28 000? I forget, but I also went out with a bang...James went all in with pocket kings, Seb Tracey folded, Seb folded and I called all-in behind him with pocket queens. MB folded. So it was heads up...nothing helped on the flop, with 2 diamonds on board...nothing helped on the turn, now 3 diamonds on board...I needed a queen...but James had the K of diamonds, so a Qd wouldn't have helped me...I was down to one card, or as Flo would like to say, about 2-3% chance, and unfortunately a Qd hit, giving me trips, but also giving James the flush and while I had a few chips left, I was automatically all-in the next hand and promptly got eliminated. I reckon that gave James what I wanted, a double-up and in good shape to put some pressure onto MB and Tracey. However, it seems like Seb gave MB some of his chips and power and forced Tracey out, leaving heads up, at which point the newbie always is handsdown to win those confrontations.
    Don't feel bad for yourself, there are many that haven't won in a while...and if this continues, Seb is gonna stop inviting people because he is definately due to win something soon and hasn't.
    The cake was good, but I think my digestive tract didn't like the big influx of lipids and sucrose and told me so in the morning! MB, I loved the dip and chips your brought - reminds me of many 710's and fajitas! We should all go sometime!! Darryl? Seb? MB? Tracey? Flo? Huh? We still have to get together sometime! Wait...why am I asking on Darryl's blog? chances are no one even reads it! Haha...
    And on another note, two brains in Sebastien, assuming no one cut his corpus collosum and I forget the other strand connecting the back hemispheres of the brain, are no match for the cunning card trickery we witnessed on an unnamed person, who shot him/herself in the foot by taking a card out of a deck, only to be eliminated and at that point, 'fesed up and returned the card to the deck with an impressive poker-face-like expression of surprise and innocence...
    Happy belated to MB, happy pre-birthday to James, and spend your cash wisely, cause Seb will want it back next time you play with us!

  2. Btw, I am NOT "Leo Mol" of Saskatchewan or wherever that guy hails from! He may WANT to be like me, but only in his dreams!!

  3. Anonymous12:17 pm

    well I'm not quite sure what to make of this blog and your passive/agreesive attempt at humour Darryl - how about an explanation hmmm



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