some recent mentalist behaviour, at random

* The Canadian Olympic Men’s Hockey Team … Talk about putting a mental whammy on yourself. Wow. Usually this is an individual thing, where a particular brain's chemistry goes into full-scale breakdown (think Greg Norman at the 1996 Masters) but here we have a truly collective effort ... from a roster choking with multimillionaires and 'superstars'. And then we had to watch Gretzky in those truck commercials, talking shit about attitude. Oh, and good move on bringing Bertuzzi along; he looked great in the penalty box.

* My local union ... First, they placed it into 'trusteeship' (suspend the executive, parachute a new guy in). Now some of them (?) have been found 'guilty' (?) of some kind of 'fraud' (I don't know for sure, because none of this information is being disseminated, and all I have is hearsay). And now they're holding elections for a new executive? Could you at least tell us who's running, please?

* My nephew Landon ... Specifically, his twin obsessions with (a) panda's and (b) 'Skull Island'; apparently, the two are mutually exclusive (I think the last one is a King Kong thing). Anyway, don't try to casually talk about the two together, or he'll lose it.


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