a mentalist's birthday

Don't look under the bed: next Thursday (February 16th) is my nephew Landon's seventh birthday. When his birthday cake arrives he'll undoubtedly try to talk to it. Amazingly, I continue to recognize these occasions by putting gifts in the mail. The last letter I received from him wasn't even a letter at all, just a crudely-drawn picture of King Kong below the words You probably suck at King Kong (I'm assuming he means the video game). His older brother Ryer filled out the package with more thoughtful insults (cartoons of me confused, crying, etc). At least they warned me on the back of the envelope: Get ready for damage. This is what mentalists do.

Here's a picture from a gentler time, something I drew for Ryer's third birthday.


  1. I like your work. great choices of colour, and the texture has won me over.


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